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Your smartphone can be turned into a Walkie-talkie so that it can be used for talking to your friends or to anyone at all that you find on your frequency

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Walkie-talkie is an application for turning your mobile into a... well, erm, you guessed it, a walkie-talkie. It is an app that recreates the functioning of one of these portable radio handsets and allows us to talk to other users on our phone.

Talk to users who are on the same frequency as you

To do so, there is a frequency selector that we can control in order to try to connect with other people. All we need is for a friend to connect to the same frequency as us and then press to talk or to send voice messages in real-time.

In addition to this main function, the app features a very simple user interface that makes it very easy to use. It also allows users to choose from a range of languages when they are searching for frequencies and also to personalize the color of the app's main theme.

You will be able to have fun with this app but, to be honest, it is not going to be a substitute for other more elaborate communication systems such as WhatsApp or even Zello, which works through the use of a similar system.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
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3 months ago
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