Phone Call Applications for Android

Call whoever you want for free or at a cheap rate from your smartphone or tablet with our different phone call applications that use the VoIP protocol

Zoom Cloud Meetings English

Participate in online meetings via your Android

Google Meet 2021.12.26.419023616 English
Google Meet 2021.12.26.419023616

The version of Hangouts conceived for work

Skype English

The best app for voice and video calls

Zalo 22.01.01 English
Zalo 22.01.01

Yet another video call and messaging service

Viber English
Viber Messenger

App to chat, send text, voice, and video messages, and to make calls

Truecaller 12.8.6 English
Truecaller 12.8.6

The app to block phone SPAM and unwanted calls

Tango - Live Video Broadcast 7.21.1641849624 English

Application to make free voice and video calls

Cisco Webex Meetings 42.1.0 English

An app for holding stable video conferences

Google Voice 2022.01.10.423393822 English
Google Voice 2022.01.10.423393822

More control over your phone calls

SpoofApp 2.7.1 English
SpoofApp 2.7.1

Hide your identity when making calls

iTel Mobile Dialer Express 4.2.0 English

Make calls using your WiFi or data plan

Talkatone 6.5.6 English
Talkatone 6.5.6

Free call and message app

2ndLine English

Get a second phone line on your mobile

OmeTV 605035 English
OmeTV 605035

Application to chat with people from all over the world on video

Primo 1.0.48 English
Primo 1.0.48

Call and send messages for free

Vani Meetings 3.7 English

Share your mobile screen with your contacts

XCall 1.0.782 English
XCall 1.0.782

Make free international calls

Rounds 8.1.0 English
Rounds 8.1.0

Videochat application for Android

Getcontact 5.3.8 English
Getcontact 5.3.8

App to filter your calls

Eyecon 3.0.362 English
Eyecon 3.0.362

A complete mobile agenda with a lot of options

ZenUI Dialer & Contacts English
ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

Easily manage your calls and messages with your contacts

IndyCall 1.5.1 English
IndyCall 1.5.1

VoIP app for calling India

Houseparty 1.65.0 English
Houseparty 1.65.0

The app that wants to revolutionize video calls

GrooVe IP 4.3.1 English
GrooVe IP 4.3.1

Make free calls from your Android device

Zello 4.117.2 English
Zello 4.117.2

Zello turns your Android into a walkie-talkie

CallApp 1.914 English
CallApp 1.914

Identify who is calling you can record the conversation

Skype Lite English
Skype Lite

The Skype version for Android that consumes fewer resources

Numero eSIM 13.0 English

Get virtual phone numbers

JioCall 5.3.6 English
JioCall 5.3.6

High-quality and improved phone calls

GoToMeeting English

The ultimate video conferencing tool for telework

Chamet 1.3.21 English
Chamet 1.3.21

Make new friends and talk to them via video call

nanu 2.1.6 English
nanu 2.1.6

Call whoever you want for free

TextMe Up 3.29.8 English
TextMe Up 3.29.8

Make phone calls and send text messages without spending a penny

Wakie 4.4.9 English
Wakie 4.4.9

The most social alarm clock

Text Me 3.28.5 English
Text Me 3.28.5

Free calls, video calls and SMS

Google Phone 64.0.367290399 English
Google Phone 64.0.367290399

Google's app to make phone calls

magicJack English

The app that makes it possible for users to have two phone lines in one

WhatsCall English

Call anywhere around the world without paying a cent

Google Contacts English
Google Contacts

Google's app to manage your contacts

TalkU 5.4.0 English
TalkU 5.4.0

Make free phone calls and send SMS