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Need two phone numbers? No more carrying two mobiles around with you. The WePhone application offers us a second number to use on the same mobile phone


A second (virtual) number for your smartphone

April 21, 2022
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Having to carry two phones around if we want to use two different phone numbers is a hassle. However, the download of the APK file of an app like this one solves the problem because it helps us get a second virtual number to use on our device. But that is not its only function.

How to use two numbers on the same phone

WePhone is a tool that allows us to use two numbers (or more) on a single smartphone. This means we will be able to have a personal number and a professional number without having to carry two mobiles around.

Get a virtual second phone number for USA/Canadian regions.

The system invites us to get personalized US and Canadian virtual phone numbers. In addition, it lets us make cheaper international calls, send text messages from different numbers, and make some calls for free. And it even has a caller ID and recording function.

Meanwhile, sending and receiving messages is free if both parties use the app. Even though the rates for calling are cheap, we can get free credits by watching ads and performing simple tasks. So, it gives us alternatives if we'd rather not pay.

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