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If we are frequently being called from unknown phone numbers, Who's Calling Me can identify them, detect unwanted and spam calls, and create blacklists


A caller ID for Android

April 9, 2024
8 / 10

Do you find calls from unknown numbers annoying? Is your phone unable to detect whether they are spam or not? If so, Who's Calling Me Android is for you, as it identifies the phone numbers that are calling us.

The app presents us with four tabs: search, recent calls, contacts, and blocked numbers. But it features more functions that we can perform for each of the numbers, whether they are in our contacts or not.

The different functions on Who's Calling Me

  • Searches for any number we type into the search bar.
  • Shows recent incoming call history.
  • Detects unwanted or spam calls.
  • Creates a blacklist of unknown numbers that we want to block so they don't call us.
  • List of contacts that we have added with their names and numbers.
  • In Who's Calling Me we can also add new contacts.
  • A popup window that we can manage and activate to pop up when we receive a call.

As well as all this, we can authenticate our phone number, add a name, and an email address.

Before you download Who's Calling Me APK for free, you should be aware that you have to be willing to grant the app permission to display your call history, contacts, and default dialer.

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