Live an entertaining adventure with the demo of Wall-E. Help this adorable robot to dodge all the obstacles it encounters. Download Wall-E and start playing

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Wall-E is a pleasant robot that had as a mission to clean all the rubbish on the Earth, after it has been devastated by mankind. But one day he meets EVA, a robot that has been sent to the Earth to discover if there is life on the planet.

  EVA discovers that Wall-E has a flower and takes it, after that Wall-E follows her to space and an entertaining adventure starts. In this demo of the entertaining platform game, you will be able to have a good time with this robot and help him on his mission.

  In one of the levels, you will have to guide Wall-E though complicated tracks, avoiding difficult obstacles and having to perform difficult jumps. In another scenario, the mission of Wall-E will be to follow his beloved EVA to rescue her, and to make sure that he always has her in view, because as soon as you stop seeing her the game will be over.

  Wall-E stands out due to its graphics, its very well designed scenarios and its brilliant characters and, of course, due to its entertaining adventures that will let us spend hours enjoying the game with this robot that will do whatever it take to save his beloved EVA.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo of the game is limited to two levels.
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