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Water Sort Puzzle is a puzzle game where we have to sort liquids according to their colors by pouring them into the right receptacles in the right order

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Touch devices like mobiles or tablets have become ideal platforms for the development of puzzle and brain-teaser games thanks to the wide range of possibilities they offer when it comes to being able to interact with them. Among them, we find the addictive Water Sort Puzzle, a puzzle game where we have to manage to get liquids of the same color into their corresponding receptacles.

Sort the liquids into different glasses according to their color

The gameplay is very simple with several containers full of colored liquids. We will help ourselves to other empty containers into which we pour the liquids and that serve as storage units until we are able to sort all the liquids by color. Keep in mind these two rules: liquid can only be poured onto liquid of the same color and only if there is enough space in the glass.

There is no time limit and there are no penalties: simply switch liquid from one container to another or undo your actions when you need to until you manage to sort them all. Perfect for having a fun time.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
IEC Global Pty Ltd
3 months ago
47.8 MB

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