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WhatsApp Plus is an APK that can be used to modify the features of WhatsApp for Android. It comes along with different themes and customization options

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WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp: comparison and differences

There are basically no differences between these two WhatsApp MODs which turn out to be two of the most popular modified versions of the official instant messaging app. The only few differences are based on the visual aspect of their respective themes because in terms of their main functions, they both offer us very similar features. These are some of the functions available:

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How to use 2 WhatsApp numbers with WhatsApp Plus

To be able to use two WhatsApp numbers on the same phone with WhatsApp Plus without root or without a double SIM card slot, we have to follow these steps:

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What's the size of WhatsApp Plus

The size of WhatsApp Plus varies with each new version. We have to bear in mind that it’s a WhatsApp MOD and that, just like any other application, every time it gets an update and incorporates new features and functions, the size of the APK can change. Therefore, to know how much the file weighs we simply have to download the APK. However, we know that it will definitely weigh slightly more than the original app. Thus, just for your information, this version 6.70 weighs 35.5MB, whilst previous versions weighed slightly more or less: 6.20 was down to 33.8MB, 6.12 up to 38.5MB y 6.10 even heavier at 38.61MB.

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