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Windows Search will make it easier for you to search for any element on your PC. Download Windows Search for free and search for files from the taskbar


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May 25, 2010
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Windows Search is the tool that substituted the program that was known up until then as Windows Desktop Search. The purpose of this tool is to allow us to carry out an immediate search among all the files that are part of your computer.

Windows Search integrates perfectly with the system, showing itself as a search box on the taskbar. All we have to do is write inside the box, and the program will automatically show a list with the programs that contain that text. We will also have the option to click on the magnifying glass to open the program's main window with the search results.

Furthermore, the program also places a magnifying glass on the system tray, from which it will be possible to access the program's options or index the hard drive with a simple right click of the mouse.

So, if you don't want to waste time performing searches on your computer, we advise you to download and install Windows Search.

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