Windows Server 2019

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Download Windows Server 2019, the operating system for Windows servers by Microsoft. Boost efficiency in business and data centers with Windows Server 2019


Microsoft's OS for servers

December 13, 2018
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Windows Server 2019 is now available, the latest version of the operating system, specifically designed with the cloud in mind. This version for Windows 8 servers offers a buildable and dynamic infrastructure that guarantees safe connections in the professional environment.

Helping the finances of your business

Windows Server 2019 means savings for any organization. In these times we're in, Microsoft is well aware of the technology investments necessary. The features of Server 2019 look to optimize resources to the maximum and offer new solutions capable of reducing management and activity costs.

Some features of Windows Server 2019

  • Valid for businesses and data centers of all sizes.
  • Hyper-V updated.
  • Prepared for use by traveling users o via remote connection.
  • New ReFS file system.
  • 4 editions to choose from depending on your needs.

Download Windows Server 2019 and check out the benefits that it can offer your business or institution.

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