With WinLock you can transform the Windows OS login screen into that of Windows 8, the next OS that will be launched by Microsoft. Download WinLock for free


Apply the Windows 8 session start up window

November 7, 2018
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The innovations present in Windows 8 by Microsoft have captivated many users. In fact, many tools are starting to appear that are capable of emulating many of the features of the new operating system.

WinLock is a tool that applies the same screen blocking and login screen than the one used by Windows 8 on your Windows operating system.

Security for your PC by blocking unauthorized accesses by means of a password.


  • Login screen when the system boots up.
  • Option to leave a note.
  • Control the volume.
  • Network connectivity indicator.
  • Shows the time and date.
  • Change the background image of the login screen. You can use any JPEG image on your hard drive.

Transform your Windows into Windows 8

There are many users that would love to have access to the new Windows operating system. The preview versions that have been launched to date have offered a good idea of the possibilities it has to offer and there are people who aren't willing to wait for it to be launched to start using part of its features, and resort to software like WinLock.

Download WinLock for free and transform the login window of Windows into the new Windows 8 screen.

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