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Hasleo WinToHDD is a tool that will help you easily install or reinstall Windows from a disk image or a previously saved clone of the operating system


A tool to install, reinstall, or clone Windows without a CD, DVD, or USB

November 12, 2022
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You may need to reinstall Windows on your PC or on a second hard drive. Hasleo WinToHDD will let you do this, but without a USB or hard disk, as you will use a disk image. It is designed to help any user, even those with little technical knowledge, complete the procedure in a few clicks following a few simple steps.

Install, reinstall, or clone Windows without a disk or USB

When you run the program, it welcomes you with a very basic and simple interface offering four functions:

  • Windows reinstallation.
  • New installation.
  • Cloning of the operating system.
  • Multiple USB installations.

All options support disk images in different formats (ISO, WIM, ESD, SWN, VHD, and VHDX), without having to use a CD, DVD, or USB drive. The process is very simple, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Choose the disk image containing the Windows version to be installed.
  2. Step 2: Confirm the drive where it will be installed and its partitions.
  3. Step 3: Create a WinPE and restart the computer to reinstall the system.
  4. Step 4: If you want to clone the operating system, choose the one you want to duplicate.

This tool is compatible with older versions of Windows, such as Vista, and more recent ones, like Windows 10 and 11, including the Server versions.

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