Xplorer2 will offer you an alternative to the renowned Windows Explorer. Download Xplorer2 and try a new and effective way of browsing your PC's folders


A very complete and functional alternative to Windows Explorer

February 4, 2020
7 / 10

If you work in a graphical design or programming project, you will constantly have to access lots of files stored on your computer's hard drive. In cases like these, the Windows Explorer is not the most efficient tool for the job.

For all users that need a functional and accessible application to manage their files in a more productive manner, here we have Xplorer2.

Xplorer2 is a brilliant file manager for Windows, that doesn't just allow us to explore all the files stored on the hard drive, but also includes a lot of innovative and useful features.

Main features

  • Advanced file exploration, that allow us to explore various folders at the same time.
  • Create shortcuts to files and folders.
  • Optimized exploration, use filters to improve your file navigation experience.
  • Create file batches to apply the most common options on them, like renaming.
  • Totally eliminate specified files, without any possible recovery.

In Xplorer2, you will find these and many other features, that we encourage you to discover.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial application can be used for 21 days.
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