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Yandere School puts us in the shoes of a girl in love who will do anything to pick up the guy, including leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake

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The Tea & Cake Games studio offers players this crazy anime game in which you have to handle a shy high school student who suddenly goes crazy. One day, she overhears a casual conversation in the bathroom, realizes she's in love with a boy, and obviously has to put an end to the competition. Literally.

Not only do you have to get rid of the competition, but you also have to hide the traces of the crime without witnesses, including your beloved.

All's fair in love and war

The star of the story is Akari Furutaka, a normal high school girl until one day, she becomes a real psychopath. Akari is willing to do anything to get the boy of her dreams, even committing crimes without a flinch.

This is how Yandere School begins, a completely crazy graphic adventure in which you can explore the school and its surroundings at will. Along the way, you will have to get hold of all kinds of weapons that will help you achieve your goal. A simple shovel can become a deadly weapon in Akari's hands.

However, after killing your victims, you need to hide the traces of the crime and dispose of the bodies and witnesses. If you get caught, the game will be over, and you will have to start all over again.

Feel like a Japanese schoolgirl, who is also a yandere!

This is a crazy and fun third-person stealth game, perfectly adapted to mobile devices. It's curiously addictive as it gets players into Akari's absurd mission. It also has decent 3D graphics and a soundtrack that will be with you without disturbing the games.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Tea & Cake Games
Over a year ago
225 MB

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