The best adventure games for Android

Live exciting adventures on your Android smartphone or tablet thanks to these games in which you'll solve mysteries and live all sorts of experiences

Minecraft English

An open block world full of adventure

Terraria English

Explore and create your world

Granny 1.8 English
Granny 1.8

Escape from the house in this stealth horror game

Among Us 2023.2.28 English
Among Us 2023.2.28

Discover the impostor among the spacecraft crew

Dead by Daylight 5.4.1024 English

Escape from the murderer in this multiplayer terror game

Growtopia 4.19 English
Growtopia 4.19

Create your virtual world

Five Nights at Freddy's 1.84 English

Survive 5 nights at Freddy Fazbear

Hello Neighbor 2.3.6 English

Feel absolute terror in your neighbor's house

Bed Wars English
Bed Wars

Destroy your rivals' beds

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery 4.9.1 English

Unveil the mysteries hidden behind the walls of Hogwarts

LokiCraft 1.50 English
LokiCraft 1.50

Explore a wide world and build whatever you want

Evil Nun 1.8.6 English
Evil Nun 1.8.6

Escape from the terrifying nun

Ice Scream 1.2.3 English
Ice Scream 1.2.3

Free your neighbor from the clutches of the monstrous ice-cream seller

Duskwood 1.10.12 English
Duskwood 1.10.12

Solve the mystery by investigating in this interactive story

FNaF Help Wanted 0.0.92 English

The version for Android of Five Night at Freddy's Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 English

Discover the origin of these animatronic beings

Garten of Banban 1.0 English

Investigate a creepy daycare center

Craft Vegas 1.01 English

A Minecraft set in a big city

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 1.07 English

Third installment of the horror game 5 Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 1.07 English

Second part of FNAF

Minecraft: Story Mode 1.37 English

The adventure game based on Minecraft

Worldsurvival 5.5 English

Sandbox game similar to Minecraft

The Escapists 636064 English

Pixel and adventure game in which we have to escape from a prison

PojavLauncher dahlia-218-6888cb7d8-v3 English
PojavLauncher dahlia-218-6888cb7d8-v3

Java-programmed Minecraft launcher

Crafting and Building English

Competent alternative to Minecraft

Granny: Chapter Two 1.1.9 English

Second part of the horror adventure

Craftsman: Building Craft 1.9.238 English

Exploration and construction game similar to Minecraft

Master Craft 4.01 English

Free alternative to Minecraft

The Joy of Creations: Story Mode 1.0 English

Adventure game based on Five Nights At Freddy's

The Tabung 6.1.2 English
The Tabung 6.1.2

A horror adventure in the forest

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery 16.1.0 English

A brand new FNAF adventure

Scary Teacher 3D 5.32 English

Take revenge on your wicked teacher

Block Crazy Robo World 5892 English

Build incredible gridded worlds with total freedom

Worldbuilding 1.28 English

A free version of Minecraft

FNASM English

Scares the security guard

LEGO Cube 0.7.23 English
LEGO Cube 0.7.23

A Minecraft based on LEGO

Transformers: RobotsInDisguise 1.9.0 English

Help the Transformers to defeat the Decepticons

Horror Squad 0.3 English

Multiplayer adventure game in which you have to get rid of evil creatures

King Craft 451682 English
King Craft 451682

Craft your own world in this game fashioned after Minecraft

Playdead's Inside 1.0 English

Solve puzzles to help a kid escape from death

Creepy Nights 2 1.0.2 English

Survive six nights in this creepy restaurant

The Past Within 1.0.3 English

Collaborative graphic adventure between the past and the future

Neighbours From Hell 1.5.5 English

Adventure game in which you will set traps for your neighbor

Prince of Persia Classic 2.1 English

A facelift for the classic Prince of Persia

Ice Scream 7 1.0 English

The seventh instalment in the horror saga of Keplerians

Kill It With Fire 1.0 English

Exterminates spiders

Angry Birds Stella 1.1.5 English

Follow the adventures of Stella and the other birds

The Walking Dead: Season One 1.20 English

Graphic adventure based on The Walking Dead

Block Sun Earth 68 English

Design and build a world as you please

Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria 1.6.0 English

An adventure game set in a world of fantasy

Yandere School 1.1.2 English

Become a psychopathic high school student

Mr. Meat 1.9.5 English
Mr. Meat 1.9.5

Horror game with escape room puzzles

Exploration Base 2017 1.5 English

Build a world to your own liking based on pixels

Mikecraft English

A free alternative to the classic building game

Mini World: CREATA 0.58.1 English

Build a huge world in Minecraft-like game

Rayman Adventures 3.9.93 English

Rayman is back on Android

Twelve Minutes 1.0.4701 English
Twelve Minutes 1.0.4701

An interactive thriller with a top-notch cast

Mr. Meat 2 1.1.1 English
Mr. Meat 2 1.1.1

The revenge of the killer butcher

Tales from the Borderlands 1.79 English

A futuristic world full of gangsters and bandits

Minecraft Earth 0.33.0 English

Minecraft in the real world

Stranger Things 3: The Game 1.3.1053 English

The Stranger Things game for Android

School Party Craft 1.7.2 English

Life simulator in a block world

Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry 0.2.8 English

The indefatigable Larry Laffer is back

Dark Riddle 9.5.0 English

A cheesy (but fun) version of Hello Neighbor

Survivalcraft English

A survival mode Minecraft-style game

Ice Scream 4: Rod's Factory 1.1 English

Escape again from the ice cream man Rod

Assassin's Creed Pirates 2.9.1 English

Live the golden age of piracy

CubeCraft 1.11.0 English
CubeCraft 1.11.0

Build your own empire from the ground up

Batman: The Enemy Within 0.12 English

Help Batman to solve puzzles and save Gotham City

Survivalcraft 2 Day One English

Pixel-art survival game

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home 1.0.0 English

The long-awaited sequel to the fantastic war game

Before Your Eyes 1.2.62 English

Watch your life flash before your eyes

BeeCraft 5 English

Discover a world full of insects and animals

Ghost Town Adventures 2.62 English

Discover the mysteries behind ghosts and spectral apparitions

PLAYMOBIL Pirates 1.4.0 English

PLAYMOBIL Pirate Ship arrives at Android

Witch Cry 1.0.2 English
Witch Cry 1.0.2

Help Timmy escape from a terrifying crying witch

Craft Sun Master Vip 230193 English

Block building simulator

Craft World 288 English

Explore a pixelated world a la Minecraft

Craft Pixel Art 2021 47 English

Design your own pixelated worlds

Scary Stranger 3D 5.7.0 English

Make life impossible for your strange neighbor

Forest 2 2.1 English

Try to escape from the forest's ghost

Baldi's Basics in Education 1.4.3 English

An educational game or not

Ice Scream 6 1.0.2 English

Help Charlie escape from this terrifying factory

Silly World: Devil Amongst Us 1.14.01 English

Social deduction game

Evil Nun 2 1.1.5 English
Evil Nun 2 1.1.5

Escape from a nightmarish orphanage

Eyes - The Horror Game 6.1.53 English

Welcome to the horror mansion

Alice in Wonderland 1.1.2 English

Defeat the Red Queen

Craft Earth Boy 73 English

Build your own blocks worlds

Fernanfloo Saw Game 14.0.0 English

The point & click game about the youtuber Fernanfloo

Eerskraft 1.31 English
Eerskraft 1.31

Sandbox-like construction game

Mini Block Craft English
Mini Block Craft

Adventure and construction game similar to Minecraft

Hard Time 1.45 English
Hard Time 1.45

Survive in a very bad prison

Randonautica 2.1.37 English
Randonautica 2.1.37

Become a Randonaut and explore the world around you

Ice Scream Episode 2 1.0.6 English

Scary game starring an ice-cream man

RealmCraft 5.4.8 English
RealmCraft 5.4.8

Fun alternative to Minecraft

What's Your Story? 1.19.23 English

Live an adventure inside your favorite TV series

Backrooms Descent 1.042 English

A terrifying creepypasta adventure game

Venom City Craft English
Venom City Craft

Build and explore a large block world

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 1.3 English

Escape from a terrifying toy factory... abandoned?

The Blockheads 1.7.6 English

Sandbox-style blocks game in 2D

The Wolf Among Us 1.23 English

Solve the Fabletown murders

School Girls Simulator 1.0 English

Peculiar girls' school simulator

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War 1.0.236 English

Enjoy the most famous pirate franchise on your Android

Worldkrafts 3.43 English

Construction and adventure game similar to Minecraft

Life is Strange 1.00.310 English
Life is Strange 1.00.310

A graphical adventures based on time traveling

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.20.0 English

The Harry Potter augmented reality game for Android

Exploration Pro 2.3 English

Explore and build just like in Minecraft

Disney Magic Kingdoms 7.4.0n English

Save Disney World from the curse of Maleficent

Yellow Rope Game 1.3 English

Tace care of a creepy baby

Ice Scream 5: Friends 1.1 English

Help J. and Mike to escape from scary Rod

Craft Skyland 3D 471219 English

Build worlds with blocks

Granny's House 1.265 English

A game of terror in which we can become the victim or the villain

Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood 1.0.6 English

Escape from the terrifying ice-cream vendor

The Trail 10111 English
The Trail 10111

Join the pioneers and discover a new world

Big Craft Explore 18.1.9 English

Sandbox game similar to Minecraft

MultiCraft 2.0.3 English
MultiCraft 2.0.3

A pixelated world parallel to that of Minecraft

Party in my Dorm 6.38 English

Become the most popular student of the university

Craft City Loki 242109 English

Build your own world with blocks

Ice Age Adventures 2.0.9a English

Lots of mini-games and Ice Age adventures

Ravenhill 2.23.3 English
Ravenhill 2.23.3

Unravel the mysteries of this ghost town

Beholder 2.5.0 English
Beholder 2.5.0

Get ready to spy on your tenants

Samorost 3 1.471.15 English
Samorost 3 1.471.15

A masterpiece turned into an adventure game

Raft 1.05 English

Sandbox game at high seas

Emily Wants to Play English

Escape from Emily's house and her toys

Creatures of the Deep 1.45 English

Go fishing to solve a mystery

Jurassic World Primal Ops 1.13.2 English

Save dinosaurs from a second extinction

Mr Hopp's Playhouse 2 3.5 English

A horror adventure with a minimalist, retro vibe

The Twins 1.1 English

Steal the loot of two dangerous thieves

Lost Life 1.19 English
Lost Life 1.19

An interactive story where every decision will affect your destiny

Slendrina: The Cellar 1.8.2 English

Horror game starring the female version of Slender Man

The X-Files: Deep State 2.7.0 English

Hidden object adventure based on The X-Files

Agent Alice 1.2.49 English
Agent Alice 1.2.49

Help Alice to solve crimes

Backrooms 1.6.0 English
Backrooms 1.6.0

Escape from this creepy endless office

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened 20674 English

A Harry Potter-based adventure game with multiplayer card duels

The Ghost 1.0.45 English
The Ghost 1.0.45

Cooperative horror game set in an abandoned hospital

Sara is Missing (SIM) 1.7 English

Investigate Sara's disappearance with her cell phone

Simple Sandbox 2 1.5.5 English

Sandbox game in the Minecraft mold

Romance Club 1.0.7050 English
Romance Club 1.0.7050

Collection of romantic stories in which you choose the outcome

Love Story Games: Teenage Drama 40.0 English

A love story at the tip of your fingers

House of Terror VR 6.0 English

Solve puzzles in a spooky house

Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases 1.90 English

Help Scooby to unravel the mysteries

Kiloblocks Lite 2.0.0 English
Kiloblocks Lite 2.0.0

Minecraft-style building game

Roller Skating Girls - Dance on Wheels 1.1.8 English

Learn to skate on your Android

Exploration Lite Craft 1.1.5 English

Game identical to Minecraft for Android

Criminal Case 2.36.4 English

Interpret the clues and catch the killer

Five Nights at Floppa 1.1 English

Guard the office and don't let the big cat attack you

Forgotton Anne 1.3 English

An adventure game in cartoon format

Ikemen Sengoku 1.0.8 English

Travel to the Sengoku period to meet beautiful warriors

Dress Up! Time Princess 1.9.3 English

Adventure game set in 18th century France

Kendall & Kylie 2.8.0 English

Fashion, glamour, Instagram, artificial tanning and fake breasts