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The Escapists is a sandbox-type adventure game for Android smartphones and tablets in which we'll have to do whatever it takes to escape from prison

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Being locked up in prison has led to incredible stories in movies, TV series, and book, regarding both the life as an inmate as well as all sorts of attempts to escape and recover freedom. Video games couldn't be any less and are still an inexhaustible source of ideas. In fact, we already know different games of certain success for Android, such as Escape the prison room that combines the puzzle and adventure genres to recreate a brilliant evasion storyline.

But this game doesn't combine puzzles with adventures, but the sandbox genre instead, just as if it were a version of Minecraft. The Escapists is an entertaining story in which we'll feel like Clint Eastwood escaping from Alcatraz, Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption or Steve McQueen doing so from a World War II POW camp.

A game about crafting and escaping

Once you download the APK of this video game for smartphones and tablets, not only will it remind your of Mojang's hit due to its pixellated graphics, but also because we'll have to do whatever it takes to collect objects and materials to craft any other elements we may need to escape.

It's an adventure game that offers us a very entertaining game mode in which not only will we have to take into account those obstacles that prevent us from escaping (guards, architectural barriers, etc.) but will also have to pay attention to the rules that govern our stay between those four walls. Knowing them well and blending in with the prison will help us to go unnoticed and have it easier to escape, maybe through a tunnel, maybe taking advantage of a mutiny, or maybe stealing a guard uniform.

It's an excellent sandbox adventure game.

And to go unnoticed: carry out all your daily choirs, do your work, answer calls... and all the latter will also provide you with the materials you need.

Without a doubt, a great adventure game that you can download right away. Unfortunately, it isn't free but its price isn't too expensive either (who can't afford to pay $4?). However, it's the easiest game you can get hold of, so you might need to resort to some kind of guide with cheats and tips to complete it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
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