Dead by Daylight Android

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Play as a survivor or a killer with supernatural powers in Dead by Daylight, the smartphone version of the wildly popular multiplayer survival horror game


Escape from the killer or kill the victims

May 24, 2024
8 / 10

Dead by Daylight APK is a sinister (and bloody) multiplayer survival horror game with realistic 3D graphics. This is the smartphone adaptation of the PC and game console video game. When we download Dead by Daylight Android for free, we will participate in a chilling version of the hide-and-seek game, either as the people trying to escape or the killer tirelessly searching for victims.

A spooky multiplayer experience

In each game of Dead by Daylight APK, four players must do their best to escape from a sinister enclosure where another player with supernatural powers tries to hunt them down to brutally murder them. In other words, all characters are controlled by players in 4v1 matches.

Players can feel the adrenaline rush of being the killer or survivor in this deadly game of hide-and-seek.

In addition, this title also features a lot of exciting features. The most outstanding ones include:

  • Three game modes: quick game, ranked game, and against bots.
  • Several characters and roles to choose from.
  • A well-achieved dark and suffocating atmosphere.
  • Many tasks to complete before you can escape.
  • Intuitive touch controls.
  • Possibility of collaborating with other players to escape.
  • Skins to modify the appearance of the characters.
  • Mini-games, special events, and daily tasks.
  • Possibility of creating private rooms to play with friends.

If you like horror games and want to feel the adrenaline of being a killer or survivor, download Dead by Daylight Android for free to play this deadly cat-and-mouse game. However, it is an experience with a lot of violence, so it is only recommended for players of legal age who enjoy strong and intense emotions.

Requirements and additional information:

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