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If you are looking for a horror game for Android in order to have a scary time, Mr. Meat is a spine-chilling immersive experience with a lot of frights

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The Keplerians Horror Games studio specializes in the horror and scary games genre and in this title for Android you will have to save a missing girl from the clutches of a psychopathic butcher. You have three days to rescue the victim, but will you be able to do it without becoming a victim yourself?

Your neighbor, the butcher, has turned into a bloodthirsty zombi and his house into a prison

Experience terror on your Android

In order to save the girl you will have to get into Mr. Meat's house without getting caught. And it won't be easy. Throughout the adventure, elements of puzzle, action, shooter and escape room games are combined to create a very complete blend.

Your mission is to find the girl without being caught by the psychopath, but it won't be easy because he can hear your movements. You will have to outsmart him and give him the slip in order to progress. Meanwhile, if you are to get out of the house successfully you will have to rely on your strategy, patience and skill. Choose your difficulty level and get ready to vanquish your own fears.

They get the atmosphere of this arcade game just right with graphics portraying some very dark and dingy settings and you really feel like you are in a horror movie. If you are a sensitive soul you had better steer clear of this one because you'll get more than a fright. But if you enjoy good horror games, this psycho butcher zombi is waiting for you in his creepy house.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Keplerians Horror Games
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