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1.8.2 Evil Nun is one of those titles that is ideal if you like horror games and want to be scared. Do you think you escape without being caught by the nun?
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Will you survive an encounter with the evil nun? In this first-person terror arcade, players will step into the shoes of a child whom a nun out of your worst nightmares has locked up in a school. Your goal is to escape and help the rest of the children who are locked up while she prepares a satanic ritual in which you will be the star.

This game mixes adventure and survival elements but, it is first and most importantly a horror title, so if you do not enjoy the genre, you will be better off avoiding it: the blessed nun will give you nightmares for days. However, it includes several difficulty options. The higher the level, the harder it will be to escape from the clutches of the nun.

Horror and death haunt you, the evil nun will kill you if she finds you and the escape adventure will be over.

Escape from the nun while you can

The mechanics of Evil Nun is very straightforward. To play, you have a joystick and a button to bend down and make less noise on the left, while on the other side, you will see an object interaction button that will activate when players approach an object with which to interact.

Our mission is to escape by solving riddles and puzzles and look for ways to get away while we hide from the nun. The problem is that the evil woman has a better ear than a bored retiree, and will come running at the slightest noise you make. The moment she catches you, she will punish you bloodily with her hammer, and you will reappear in your room.

It is a scary game, especially aimed at those who enjoy strong emotions and the occasional jump-scare. The graphics are very dark and gloomy, which contributes to creating a terrifying and mysterious environment not suitable for sensitive hearts.

What's new in the latest version

  • Updates to the ad library.
Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Keplerians Horror Games
6 months ago
129.5 MB

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