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Yoda Soccer is an entertaining and simple soccer video game for your Mac. Download Yoda Soccer free and customize your team and play incredible tournaments

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Yoda Soccer is an adaptation of one of the classic titles of the 90's, Sensible World of Soccer (SWOS), a football game that offered a rather peculiar perspective if we take into account modern games (using a top view), as well as very simple playability, that has nothing in common with Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA.

  Due to the fact that it is an adaptation of a commercial title, none of the names of the teams or players are real (because it doesn't have the licenses necessary), but the game offers us the opportunity to be able to easily edit them and thus be able to customize the tournaments to our own liking.

  We will have various kinds of leagues and tournaments available, also including the opportunity to be modified by the user, in such a way that it will be easier to create custom championships.

  With regard to the graphics we have to highlight that it maintains the use of 8bits graphics and the animations are extremely simple, giving this free football game a vintage touch.

  If you liked the sports games of the 90's and you want to remember what playing at Sensible World of Soccer was like, download and install Yoda Soccer on your Mac.
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