How to convert a YouTube video to GIF

Have you found a funny video on YouTube and would like to save a clip? Is there a scene you would love to replay over and over again? Converting the content to GIF may be the solution. You should know that YouTube does not allow videos hosted on its platform to be converted to another format. However, thanks to GIFRun, this is now possible.

To get started, visit the page of this service using the browser of your cellphone. Then, paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert to GIF into the Paste YouTube Link text field. It is possible to obtain the address from the web or the application.

Paste the video linkPaste the video link

GIFRun will automatically analyze the video. The next step will let you set the starting point of the video where the GIF should start to be generated. In the same way, you need to specify the duration of the animation. If you want to check that you have entered the correct data, use the Preview button.

Select the length and startSelect the length and start

Once you have done this, tap on Create GIF. GIFRun will start exporting the previously selected fragment to GIF format.

Create the GIFCreate the GIF

Once the conversion process is finished, the GIF will appear at the bottom of the page. Scroll there and long tap on the animation.

GIF optionsGIF options

In the browser pop-up menu, select Download image. This way, you can save the GIF to the memory of your device.

Download the GIFDownload the GIF

In addition to downloading, you can use commands such as Copy image or Share image to copy and share the GIF with others without the need to save it to storage. If you want to create an animation of another clip, repeat the process described in this article, indicating the start and duration. Of course, you can repeat the steps to extract an animation from any other video by simply using its URL