Zelda Classic

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Zelda Classic is a version of the classic Nintendo game Legend of Zelda. Play the first game of the Zelda saga once again by downloading Zelda Classic


Play the classic Legend of Zelda once again

February 27, 2024
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One of the first games to set a milestone for the Nintendo game consoles was Legend of Zelda, both on the Famicom in Japan as well as the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in USA and Europe, and now thanks to the people from Armageddon Games we will be able to play once again at this great game in Zelda Classic.

A copy of the original

Once the game has been launched, the players will realize that it is identical to the original, with the same graphics and following the same story, controlling Link they will have to fight against all the different monsters to be able to save Princess Zelda.


Unlike the original game, in Zelda Classic the player will have the chance to configure the controls that will be used and it will even be possible to define a microphone to eliminate the Pols Voice, an option that wasn't available for the NES version of the game because it didn't have a microphone.


As an additional complement for Zelda Classic, the developers have included an editor to be able to create additional levels for the game, something that many players will really like, because the game is repetitive once completed.

Download Zelda Classic for free to be able to play the classic Legend of Zelda once again.

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