There are two methods to close the tabs quickly on Chrome. For the first one, go to Chrome and open several tabs. Then click and hold on the number that indicates how many are open:

Chrome tabs buttonChrome tabs button

You will see this menu:

Long-press context menuLong-press context menu

This quick menu lets users close the current tab, open a new one, and even open an incognito tab. Since you are interested in closing the tab, click Close tab:

Close tab in the context menuClose tab in the context menu

The second method is even more straightforward than the first. Again, open several tabs on your browser, tap on the same button. This is what you'll see:

Preview of all open tabsPreview of all open tabs

You will find that there is a control next to each tab that lets you close them without accessing:

Quick-close buttons for several tabsQuick-close buttons for several tabs

These new features were introduced in the stable version at the end of last year, although they had already been tested for some time on other Chrome developments. Google introduced this button so that users did not have to go to the menu button, where they found too many options that (according to Google) were not useful to do what users wanted at that moment.

Thanks to this new element on the interface, tab control has gained agility and speed. Users can close tabs quickly, either one at a time or several at once, by simply tapping a couple of times.