Although Chrome is available on a wide variety of platforms, some configurations are only present in some versions. Closed tab recovery is only available for the PC versions. However, there is a similar solution for the Android version that will get you out of the tight spot.

First, open Chrome on your device and go to the menu on the top right corner of the screen:

Main view of ChromeMain view of Chrome

Click on Recent tabs:

Chrome’s menuChrome’s menu

You will see a list of the tabs you have recently opened and on which devices. For a complete list of all the tabs you've opened, click Show full history:

Recently closed tabsRecently closed tabs

Just click on any closed tab to open it:

Full historyFull history

When you do that, it will appear on the screen of your device:

Restored tabRestored tab

And that's it, there's really not much more you can do. Unfortunately, when it comes to advanced features, Chrome for Android is a bit behind compared to the desktop versions. The same thing on a computer would be a completely different story, but we have to work with the tools we have at our disposal right now for mobile devices.

Perhaps in the future, we will see a function to automatically recover tabs closed by mistake, and even the possibility to restore the last open tabs when users open the browser, but we assume that we still have to wait some time to see this.