To remove notifications from Google Chrome, just follow a few simple steps. First, open your browser and go to the Chrome menu (in the upper-right corner of your screen):

New Chrome tabNew Chrome tab

Click Settings:

Chrome menuChrome menu

Find Notifications and click on it:

Chrome settingsChrome settings

On the next screen, click Show notifications:

Notifications settingsNotifications settings

You will stop receiving notifications of any kind from Chrome:

Notifications disabledNotifications disabled

But what if we are interested in receiving notifications from the browser but not from other sites we may have agreed on? It's very easy. Scroll down the Notifications screen to a section entitled Sites. If you click on the Show notifications control, you will deactivate all notifications for all websites, without exception:

All website notifications disabledAll website notifications disabled

Conversely, if you are interested in receiving notifications for specific web pages, check or uncheck each web individually using the checkbox next to each URL:

Disable notifications for individual websitesDisable notifications for individual websites

The latter is especially helpful as many different websites recently offer to send user notifications of every update posted. These notifications may seem useful at first, but keep in mind that they are likely to end up being very annoying, so it is great to have a solution like the one above. If this is your case and the websites you have given permission to will not leave you alone, don't hesitate to fix it as soon as possible.