Google has equipped its browser for Android with a very powerful internal search engine, which allows you to find almost anything in a web tab and which we will now show you how to use.

First, open Chrome on your Android, and then the web page that you want to visit. On that web page tap the Chrome menu (the three dots at the top right of the screen):

Web open in ChromeWeb open in Chrome

In the menu tap Find in page:

Chrome menuChrome menu

A text box will appear at the top in which you will be able to type in the term (or phrase) that you want to search:

Internal search in ChromeInternal search in Chrome

Type the term that you want to find and then press the magnifying glass button (this button varies depending on the keyboard you use):

Highlighted search in ChromeHighlighted search in Chrome

As you can see, matches for the search term will appear highlighted. You will be able to jump from one to another using the scroll up and scroll down arrows that you have in the top right corner of the screen. On the right you will see a graphic which shows you at a glance where all the matches on the page are:

Browsing through searches in ChromeBrowsing through searches in Chrome

When you have finished, tap the X at the top to go back to the normal Chrome page view. This search function is especially useful when you need to find a specific word or phrase in a long document; it is very easy to use and now that you know how to use it you have no excuse for not doing so.