There are two ways to update Chrome for Android: via our website or via Google Play; here, we explain both.

How to update Chrome from Malavida

First of all, make sure that your version needs to be updated. To do this, you need to check which version you have and to find out, you first need to go to the Settings menu. Find the cogwheel icon and then click on it:

Locate the access to Android’s settingsLocate the access to Android’s settings

When you open the Android settings, you'll see several menus. Click Apps & notifications:

Press Apps & notificationsPress Apps & notifications

Depending on the Android version you have and on the manufacturer of your terminal, there should be a section called See all apps, App info, Installed Apps, or something like that. Click on it to access a complete list of all the apps installed on your phone:

Drop down the full list of appsDrop down the full list of apps

Now you can see all the applications you have installed on your phone. Find Chrome on that list and click on it:

Locate Chrome amongst the installed appsLocate Chrome amongst the installed apps

You will see a screen with a summary of the app including its main features. If you look closely, you will see that, at the end, there is a section labeled Advanced. Click on it. Note: Depending on your phone's manufacturer, model, operating system version, and Android's customization layer, you may see the version number by scrolling to the end. That's where you'll find which version of Chrome you have installed on your phone:

Scroll down to view the installed versionScroll down to view the installed version

Once you know this number, go to our repositories and check if your version number matches the one hosted on our website. Next to the application’s name, you will see its version number. Is it higher than the one you have installed? If the answer is yes, then click on it to download it. When you do, click the Download button:

Download Chrome’s APK from MalavidaDownload Chrome’s APK from Malavida

You will reach a second download page, where you have to click on the same button again to get the APK. The download will start, and when it is finished, you will have the option to open the APK file at the bottom of the screen. Click on Open to install it:

Open the downloaded Chrome APKOpen the downloaded Chrome APK

Also note that different versions of Android may not show the same notification. However, you can find the file in your downloads folder. Additionally, if you haven't granted Chrome permission to install applications from the browser, you'll see a message on your screen asking you to do so. Likewise, in previous versions of Android, you must enable the option to install apps from unknown sources.

You will arrive at the Android package installer, which will ask you if you want to install the app update. If that is the case, click Install:

Press Install to launch the updatePress Install to launch the update

Once installed, the following message will appear on your screen:

Chrome update installedChrome update installed

And the app will be perfectly installed and updated.

How to update Chrome from Google Play

As we said above, there are two ways to update an application. The first is the one we just described. The second is to update Chrome from Google Play. First, open the Big G store from the shortcut on your terminal:

Access the Play StoreAccess the Play Store

On the main screen, click on the search bar:

Press the upper search barPress the upper search bar

Type "Chrome" in it and click on the magnifying glass icon on your keyboard (or similar):

Type in Chrome and press the magnifying glass on your keyboardType in Chrome and press the magnifying glass on your keyboard

You will reach the result screen. As in the previous case, click on the first one because it is the stable version of the browser. You will access the dedicated page of the app, where you have to click on the Update button if the Google store detects that you have an older version (in this case, this is what it looks like):

Press UpdatePress Update

The download and installation process will begin. When it finishes, you will see that the update button has switched to uninstall:

From here you can open the browserFrom here you can open the browser

You do not need to do anything else. Chrome will be correctly updated. It should be noted that the operating system can perform this process automatically, so if you have automatic updates enabled in your terminal's settings, you won't have to check it manually. Let me say that Google Play versions are not always the latest available, as it sometimes takes them longer to renew their repository. If you want to make completely sure you are up to date, the first method is more reliable.