Puzzles for iPhone

Have fun and relax trying to solve all sorts of brain teasers. These puzzle games for iPhone offer as all kinds of interesting and entertaining challenges

Bad Piggies 1.3.0 English

The revenge of the green pigs

Angry Birds Classic 8.0.1 English

Destroy all the pigs to be able to recover your eggs!

The Room Three 1.0.1 English

Third instalment of The Room

Angry Birds Star Wars II 1.9.24 English

Choose your side: Republic or Empire

Woody Puzzle 1.1.8 English

Fit in the wooden blocks

Angry Birds Seasons 6.6.2 English

The seasons go by but the Angry Birds are still there

Bubble Shooter Free 4.5 English
Bubble Shooter Free 4.5

Burst all the bubbles

The Room Two 1.0.3 English

Puzzles surrounded by mystery

Talking Tom Pool 1.6.3 English

Help Talking Tom to renovate his waterpark

Scribblenauts Remix 6.1 English

The legendary Nintendo DS puzzle game

Dark Echo 1.3.3 English
Dark Echo 1.3.3

Save your life in the dark with the echo of sound

2048 1.8 English
2048 1.8

Two thousand and forty eight is your aim

Lara Croft GO 2.0 English

Lara Croft is back surrounded by puzzles and traps

FRAMED 1.4.3 English

Puzzle game for iPhone in noir comic format

Zip Zap 2.02 English
Zip Zap 2.02

Fun and simple puzzle game for iPhone

Angry Birds Friends 5.9.0 English

Challenge your friends and prove who is the best at throwing birds

Block! Hexa Puzzle 1.4.2 English

A Tetris with hexagonal blocks

Sudoku Finger Arts 6.7 English

Sudoku with an online leaderboard

Shadowmatic 1.9.3 English

A puzzle that will fascinate you

Angry Birds 2 2.30 English

Discover the new characters of the Angry Birds sequel

KAMI 2 1.7.2 English
KAMI 2 1.7.2

The second part of the KAMI puzzle game

Perchang 2.02 English
Perchang 2.02

Puzzle game featuring marbles

To-Fu Fury 1.0 English

Action-packed puzzles and platforms

Criminal Case 1.14.2 English

Investigate killings and catch the criminals

Love Balls 1.4.4 English
Love Balls 1.4.4

Find out how to join the destiny of these balls

100 PICS Quiz 2.70 English

What's hidden behind the image?

Tower Builder 1.3 English

Build a skyscraper as tall as possible

Slugterra: Slug It Out 2 1.5.2 English

A match 3 game to protect Slugterra from its enemies

Hitman GO 1.13.5 English
Hitman GO 1.13.5

Solve puzzles and dodge enemies to reach your target

Where's My Water? 1.16.0 English

Help Swampy take a shower

Blosics 1.1.2 English
Blosics 1.1.2

Get rid of all the blocks on the screen

Draw In 1.2.2 English
Draw In 1.2.2

Simple and relaxing drawing game

Weave the Line 3.0.3 English

Recreate the geometrical shapes

TETRIS 3.0.15 English
TETRIS 3.0.15

Updated version of a title that's history in the video gaming world

1LINE 2.0.0 English
1LINE 2.0.0

Connect all the dots with only one stroke

Brain On Physics Boxs Puzzles 1.0.9 English

Being a bookworm now has its advantages

Puzzledom 7.18 English
Puzzledom 7.18

Loads of logic games in a single app

Telepaint 1.6 English

Don't let a single drop fall

Snoopy Pop 1.10.4 English
Snoopy Pop 1.10.4

The Snoopy-based bubble shooter for iPhone

Blyss 3.0.0 English
Blyss 3.0.0

A game full of puzzles, colors and background music