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Alone in The Dark is a video game that mixes horror and adventure. Download Alone in The Dark, solve the enigma of Shadow Island and eliminate your enemies


The fourth instalment of the most terrifying survival horror game

September 28, 2009
8 / 10

Alongside Resident Evil, Alone in The Dark is probably one of the most renowned terror sagas of the video gaming world. This curious franchise has been terrifying hardcore players since the beginning of the '90s with its paranormal stories, but it has also been surprising them with originality and the graphical quality of its titles.

A classic from the survival horror genre

On this occasion, we will travel alongside the paranormal investigator Edward Carnby and doctor Aline Cedrac to Shadow Island where we'll witness a series of phenomena that make no sense at first glance, and a series of creatures of darkness, that live among the shadows and are practically made of silicon.

The light from our torch, as well as all the weapons that we'll encounter during the game, will help us get rid of our enemies, while we try to find out what's really happening on the island.

If you like horror and adventure games, and you want to solve the enigma of Shadow Island and eliminate the creatures of darkness, download Alone in the Dark right now.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a limited version of the game.
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