Asian Drag Champion Android

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Ride through oriental circuits on motorcycles in Asian Drag Champion, a straightforward racing simulator with customizable options and several game modes


Motorcycle racing in Asian cities

August 1, 2023
7 / 10

Asian Drag Champion is a lighthearted motorcycle racing game featuring straightforward but effective 3D graphics. In this title, you will get on various motorcycles and mopeds to enjoy several game modes where you will do wheelies at full speed.

Show your skill doing wheelies on a motorcycle

The first thing to be clear about Asian Drag Champion APK is that it is a simple game that is made to enjoy the experience without major complications. Therefore, it leaves aside complex controls or convoluted mechanics and opts for an easier and more accessible gameplay.

In fact, driving a motorcycle in this game is as easy as sliding the bar at the bottom right corner up and down. That's all you need to accelerate and wheelie, and there is also a separate button for braking.

Experience authentic Asian drag racing with AI to earn rewards.

This title also includes a garage where you'll be able to buy different motorcycles and skins to customize them, and a section to adapt your rider's look to your tastes. It should also be noted that this title includes several game modes:

  • Battle against the AI.
  • Wheelies training.
  • Online battle.
  • Battle with friends.

Besides, it also has a soundtrack and some pretty good sound effects. In short, when you download Asian Drag Champion Android for free, you will find a nice, light, and fun title that offers a much more complete experience than it seems at first glance.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.1.
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