AstroMenace is a spaceship video game for Windows PC inspired by classics from this genre. Move around the screen and destroy or dodge all your enemies


Classic-looking spaceship game

September 16, 2019
8 / 10

Asteroids was a great game that first appeared back in 1979 and soon became very successful. It was all about controlling a spaceship that had to avoid crashing into the asteroids flying around it. For such purpose, we could move our spacecraft around the screen and shoot at the obstacles.

Spaceship game inspired by Atari's Asteroids

Atari's video game was a great hit and many other games have tried to copy or imitate the same system. AstroMenace is yet another one of them and it's based on the same principle: the only is that here we won't have to dodge other asteroids but other spaceships that want to kill us.

As we complete levels and win battles, we'll be able to improve our spacecraft (there are up to 22 different ones) and our weapons. It's important to do so because our enemies will also receive enhancements.

It's a game developed under a GNU license and that's distributed for free. However, that doesn't mean that it doesn't come along with decent graphics and animation because that's precisely one of its strengths.

Therefore, if you're into retro spaceship games, AstroMenace is a great game to try out.

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