BioShock is an addictive shooter in which you will control Jack, a pilot that has crash landed on Rapture, a city under the sea that is in total anarchy

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One of the most important games of 2007 was, without a doubt, BioShock. Considered by many as the game of the year and probably one of the best in gaming history, this shooter accomplished an unprecedented immersion and atmosphere.

  The whole story starts with a plane accident, that causes the arrival of Jack to Rapture, an alleged ideal city that is at the bottom of the sea, where scientists and other learned people will not have to worry about other factors in life that concern them on the surface. The problem arises when ADAM is discovered, a drug that spoils that whole idea behind the foundation of Rapture.

  Jack arrives at a moment in which the ideal society has already been destroyed. Anarchy rules in Rapture and plasmids offer users supernatural abilities. Players can use the plasmids to escape from the "Big Daddies", enormous creatures that won't doubt about destroying them.

  The game is really enveloping, and sound plays a very important role in the development of the story, because while we try to solve the puzzles we encounter and decide what to do, we will be listening to people shouting for help and crying. Therefore, this game is for brave people.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo allows to play this first levels of the game, in which we will hear the story behind the game and learn how to handle the character. This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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