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Test your mental acuity with Brain Riddle, an entertaining game of riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers that invites players to think "outside the box"

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If you like riddles and you are always up for a challenge, you can't miss this fun game for cell phones. Your mission is to think outside the box and interact with the screen to find the solution to each riddle.

Relax and activate your brain

Brain Riddle is a lighthearted 2D game of puzzles, riddles, and enigmas for Android devices. The goal is to find the solution of all levels using the noggin.

The game mechanics are simple. At each level, you are presented with a question or challenge and a picture. The challenges are varied, and, in general, you can solve them by interacting with the elements on the screen. Once you have found the solution, the game will reward you with applause and a fun phrase.

Hundreds of fun puzzles are waiting for you to solve.

What is exciting about this title is how varied and innovative the challenges are. Brain Riddle also features a nice graphic section, some very cool clean designs, a fitting soundtrack, and a good interface. All you have to do is download the APK file to face the challenge and start putting your brain to work.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Azura Global
3 months ago
70.4 MB

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