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In Bridge Constructor Playground, you can build complex and creative bridges between valleys, rivers, or even hillsides, and test their resistance

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Would you like to unleash your creativity and learn about physics at the same time? Bridge Constructor Playground is a fun game for players of all ages where the only goal is to build robust bridges in canals, valleys, and rivers capable of withstanding resistance tests for car and truck traffic.

To enhance the more creative side of construction, the player will not have to adhere to any material or budget limits, so they can build as much as they want. Thus, the player can place towers, turnbuckles, pillars, and boards in the most original, complex, or unusual way as long as correct physics capable of supporting the weight of the traffic is maintained.

Make the most famous bridges in the world look like toys compared to your creations.

Main features

  • The bridges can be built in five different environments: city, mountains, hills, beach, or canyon.
  • It includes a complete tutorial to get started in the construction.
  • The bridges can be built with wood, steel, steel cable, and concrete.
  • There are two types of bridge tests: for cars or trucks.
  • In each level, it is possible to obtain up to 5 emblems depending on the player's level.
  • The game shows the tension produced according to the building material using color codes.
Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
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