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Business-in-a-Box is an application that includes a large amount of useful documents. With Business-in-a-Box you will have contracts and formal letters


Get hold of any professional document

March 2, 2019
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Business-in-a-Box has more than 1,300 documents of all kinds that can come in very handy for your business, or other activities that you take part in. You'll only have to choose the document, modify it and save it on your computer. Ranging from contracts, spreadsheets, press releases, to forms, everything is available in Business-in-a-Box.

A very efficient help for your business

Both in the day-to-day as well as in business environments, you'll probably need specific documents to complete several transactions. With Business-in-a-Box you'll have access to documents from different spheres: sales and marketing, human resources, commercial management and planning, legal documents, Internet and technology, or finance and accounting. Within these categories, you will have all kinds of document templates. You'll only have to modify them to adapt them to your needs and save them.

Business-in-a-Box has a browsing system where you'll find all the documents classified in folders. You will also be able to carry out a search to find what you are looking for with more ease. A useful function included in Business-in-a-Box is the task section: you have to choose the task that you want to carry out, like for example, start a business and it will show you all the documentation that you need to carry out that task.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version doesn't allow you to save or print the documents, the copy and paste function are deactivated and it includes publicity.
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