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CenterStage is a multimedia center that is an alternative to Front Row with a great interface and what is more important, everything that is necessary

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Front Row, the multimedia center included in OS X, offers us the possibility to use our computer to enjoy our films, view images, listen to our favorite albums, read the latest news and view the trailers of the next releases.

  CenterStage has been developed as an alternative that is a lot lighter than the Apple development, including an interface that is slightly more appealing, even though with a lot less options.

  The program will allow the user to play any contents that is in the iTunes or iPhoto library, view contents over Internet and enjoy films on DVD. The best thing about this application is without doubt how simple it is to control and how attractive it is to browse through the multimedia contents that is stored on our hard drive.

  Download CenterStage now, a multimedia center that is ideal to enjoy the best cinema and music on your Mac. Sadly this project was stopped and is no longer updated.
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