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Build your own team of heroes and fight against the orcs in Chromatic Souls, an excellent old-school role-playing game application with turn-based combat

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The Gamevil studio always delivers high-quality and careful character design. This time, we are invited to join a fantasy world where the Chromatic Dragon is wreaking havoc. And of course, destiny has chosen us to stop the threat and save the world.

Dragons, orcs, and all kinds of fantastic creatures

Chromatic Souls is an excellent 2D RPG set in a medieval fantasy world that features a classic look. This is because the game mechanics resemble old-school RPGs and even pencil-and-paper RPGs.

Our mission will be to assemble a group of heroes to face orcs, kobolds, monsters, and all kinds of evil creatures. Our warriors will travel around the world fighting as the story develops.

Combat is purely strategic and turn-based, just like traditional role-playing games. At the bottom of the screen, we have our characters, while the enemies and turns are seen in the upper area.

Endless battle strategies.

When it is our character's turn, we can touch the icons of active attacks and skills. Each one has a power and range, but the special abilities require several turns to charge.

We will start our adventure with three heroes: a warrior, a cleric, and a witch. But soon, an assassin will join our forces. In addition, throughout the adventure, we will be able to collect lots of characters of different classes with unique characteristics, and even skins and lots of equipment.

Without a doubt, this is an especially attractive choice for fans of classic role-playing games, a genre that is making room for more spectacular visuals games. Its story, good gameplay, and excellent character design make it worth downloading the APK file.

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Manuel Sánchez
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