CrimeCraft is a massive online game that combines a shooter with role-playing. Manage to become the best gunman in the CrimeCraft virtual community

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Online massive multiplayer games are a real success among users, and Vogster Entertainment, the company in charge of developing CrimeCraft know it. That is why they have developed this online game that combines elements from role-playing with those of an action and shooter game in which you will have to become the best shooter in a community that is being terrorized by street gangs and other criminals.

  The action takes place in the imaginary city of Sunrise, a stronghold for street gangs and petty criminals that fight for the control of the city. The mix of styles indicates that it was designed to become a leading PvP in the genre.

  CrimeCraft uses the Unreal Engine 3 technology to offer high quality graphics. Since it is an online game it offers you the possibility to face up against other users on your own or as part of a commando in which you'll fight along side your friends.

  The updates are free and include many new elements such as maps, weapons, skills, new tournaments in which to take part,...

  Enjoy an online game in which you will be able to become the leader of the gang by shooting your enemies. Download CrimeCraft for free, and you won't let go of the trigger even for a second.
Requirements and additional information:
The game will update automatically when you connect.
Vogster Entertainment
This year
This year
3.1 GB

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