Sleep of Reason

In Cryostasis you will have to eliminate all your enemies and face dangerous weather conditions to be able to get back in one piece. Download Cryostasis now

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After running aground with the North Wind nuclear icebreaker beside the Polo 21 soviet base, we will have to look for a way of getting back home as soon as possible, because apparently we are the only survivors of the accident. We will take on the role of Alexander Nesterov, a meteorologist with certain mental powers, and we will have to search the Polo 21 arctic base, avoiding dying of frostbite and coming face to face with the enemies that we will discover as the game advances.

  In Cryostasis not only will it be necessary to eliminate all those that try to kill us, we will also have to face the cold and try to look for heat sources to make sure we don't die of frostbite. With our mental powers we will be able to find out how each one of the bodies that we find died, allowing us to change the situations during the flashback, and thus adapt the present to our own advantage.

  Action, terror and cold combine in this first person shooter (FPS)/survival horror game, where we have to find the way home. Download Cryostasis and help Alexander Nesterov survive.
Requirements and additional information:
This is a demo version of the game.
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