Crysis 2


Crysis 2 is the second instalment of one of the most outstanding games of the last decade. Download Crysis 2 and live the great experience it has to offer

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In this new instalment of this saga, Crysis 2, players will see how the developers have replaced the jungles of the original game with the devastates streets of New York (an urban jungle), that is currently under the control of the aliens.

  Something else that changes in Crysis 2 is the main character, because in the original you were in control of “Nomad” while in the sequel you will control “Alcatraz”, an infiltration and recon marine that is equipped with the Nanosuit 2, that offers the player many more possibilities to customize the character.

  The players will also get a surprise the first time that they encounter the aliens, because they have substituted the exoskeletons with tentacles for fully fledged war cyborgs with high quality armor.

  With regard to the graphics, Crysis 2 won't disappoint anybody, because it offers a visual quality and a movement fluidity that is really noteworthy, and the promises to offer an experience like never before with the last generation computers.

  Therefore, if you're a fan of FPS games and you have been awaiting the release of Crysis 2 to see what it really has to offer, download the demo now, and you will live a unique experience.
Requirements and additional information:
This game requires an Internet connection. It is necessary to create a user account the first time you launch the game. The demo includes 2 maps (Skyline and Pier 17) and 2 game modes (Team Instant Action and Crash Site).
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