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Death Crow is an inactive, automated RPG where you will control a crow who is new to the art of mowing souls. A proposal as original as it is complete


Death Crow is an idle RPG in which you control a soul reaper

May 22, 2024
8 / 10

The world continues to self-destruct little by little and this has led to an increase in the number of souls who need to be guided to the afterlife. Your mission in Death Crow is none other than to join the "Soul Purification Project" and mow them all. Are you up for it?

Another Day in the Office of a Reaper of Souls

Death Crow APK is an inactive, automated RPG where you will control a rookie soul reaper. The goal? Take down corrupt entities and level up in the process. Its special events, spectacular bosses, complete skill tree, and wide assortment of weapons and items to upgrade and equip attest to this. Here are its most outstanding features:

  • Complete, and strategic, progression system based on automated missions and confrontations.
  • Eye-catching graphics (2D) and sound.
  • Plenty of rewards and prizes to unlock... even after you remove the game!
  • Obtain new equipment and upgrade a wide assortment of items and weapons.
  • Level up your character and unlock a wide assortment of weapons.

The world has plenty of wayward souls, and you, a novice reaper, must fix such a mess.

Are you ready for another day at the office that is more unusual and fun? It's time to download Death Crow Android for free and enjoy an RPG, inactive, deeper than it seems, where you will be a reaper of souls.

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