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Draw Coliseum is a fighting game between spinning tops where will draw their trajectory in order to take out our enemies with the help of sharp blades


Combats to the death with spinning tops armed with sharp blades

January 18, 2022
7 / 10

Draw Coliseum is a fighting game that faces off what appears to be two spinning tops in the arena. What sets it apart is that we will be the ones to design the blades that they will use to attack their enemies. We will do so before each combat by drawing the shape the blades will take in the panel at the bottom of the screen.

Lead the battle by launching yourself at your opponent

The objective in the combat is to knock our enemy out of the fight zone. To do so, we will have to launch our spinning top at our opponent by finger drawing the trajectory that we want it to take at the bottom of the screen. Whenever we want to fling ourselves at our opponent all we have to do is draw using a finger.

The game offers us the opportunity to fight in different combat arenas and the most interesting part of all: unlock new skins, weapons, and upgrade your power, speed, and ink in order to intensify your attacks.

Download this game now, take on other players in knock-out combats, and battle to make the tournament your own.

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