Earn to Die Rogue Android

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Earn to Die Rogue APK is a fun game that does a great job of blending 2D driving, platforming areas, rogue-lite elements, and a full-on zombie apocalypse


It's time to step on the gas and smash into zombies

June 18, 2024
7 / 10

Earn to Die Rogue Android presents itself to us as a spin-off of the acclaimed series of the same name. A game that blends arcade driving/destruction sections with platforming phases featuring a clear procedural and rogue-lite component.

Drive, shoot, and survive the zombies

Our mission in Earn to Die Rogue APK is none other than to loot zombie-infested buildings and drive from one area to another destroying any enemy that crosses our path thanks to amazing vehicles. Easy, right? Well, get ready for its rogue-lite mode and for some procedurally generated settings where we get to die time and time again while unlocking tons of loot, power-ups, and vehicles. Don't miss out on its key functions and features:

  • Driving phase in 2D (side scroll) with nice physics and lots of zombies to smash into.
  • Rogue-lite mode in which we have to loot buildings while surviving a multitude of enemy attacks.
  • A comprehensive and intuitive system of progression and upgrades for both our character and our vehicle.
  • A wide variety of vehicles to unlock.

Running over zombies and looting buildings has never been so much fun.

When we download Earn to Die Rogue for free, what we find is a game that does a great job of managing and blending the driving sections with upgrading, progression, and looting buildings in a typically rogue-lite fashion.

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