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Easy Tables is a complete creator and editor of CSV table files so that you can work comfortably. Download Easy Tables free on your computer today


Create and edit CSV files

November 8, 2018
7 / 10

Easy Tables is a simple specialized tool to create tables documents, open them in a simple and comfortable fashion and save them as CSV files separated by commas.


  • Edit and modify text as if you were working with Microsoft Excel.
  • Filter data based on column value and expressions directly from the software's main window.
  • Modify the names and the order of the columns.
  • Carry out searches through outs the documents and replace text directly.
  • Allows the use of formulas to calculate values in a specific column.
  • Create letters taking into account the values from a table. It is also possible to print them and send them via electronic mail.
  • Modify the character used as separator.

Good alternative to work with tables files

Whenever you require a program to create tables or work with them remember Easy Tables. It is totally free and it offers the essential tools.

Download Easy Tables free and start working with CSV files.

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