Erase Story: Love the Girl Android

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Erase Story: Love the Girl is a game application where you have to eliminate some of the elements of the image for the love story to come to a good end


A puzzle game where you have to save the love of a couple

December 1, 2021
7 / 10

Stickman has flirted via Tinder, Badoo, and similar, and is getting ready to live a romantic adventure with his partner... and you are going to have to help him overcome all the difficulties he will encounter on his way in Erase Story: Love the Girl.

Solve the puzzles and make progress in the relationship

In this puzzle game, you will have to use your imagination to find out what is wrong with each image. You will be presented with all kinds of situations that you will have to solve by deleting an element by running your finger over it. They are puzzles that, at first sight, may not make much sense, the kind that forces you to think outside the box.

The puzzles you find will increase in difficulty as you progress through the levels, becoming more and more complex. There are dozens and dozens of screens where you will have to save the girl from evil witches, zombie attacks, dying from poisoning, and also solve Stickman's myopic problems and even his lycanthropy.

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