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EVE Echoes is an open world science fiction MMO for Android devices where you can choose different game strategies according to your personal objectives


EVE Online's adaptation for Android

May 29, 2023
7 / 10

EVE Echoes is a space-based MMO based on the famous EVE Online. The game player has complete freedom of action and goals. That means that the player can go wherever he wants among the 8,000 solar systems and also decide what kind of player he wants to be: whether to form alliances with other players or to be a lone wolf that explores space. At the same time, the player can choose what his purpose is: interstellar combat, piracy, resource gathering, industrial manufacturing, trading, and more.

This game belongs to the sandbox category, where we will be able to accept missions and also visit any of the thousands of solar systems offered by the extensive game scenario. All these possibilities within an engaging and powerful atmosphere that evokes science fiction from cinema and literature.

EVE Online for Android main features

These are the main features that we will find in EVE Online:

  • A role-playing game and MMO strategy inspired on EVE Online.
  • A vast universe ready to be explored with over 8,000 solar systems to travel to.
  • Control over 100 different ships and customize them.
  • Be part of the conflicts of a galactic war choosing the role you want to take in it.
  • Explore the universe and earn a fortune trading with its resources.

Requirements and additional information:

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