Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a super crazy multiplayer and knockout game where you have to get through the rounds trying to be the last one standing

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A lot of Fortnite, a lot of PUBG and so on, but if there has been one game that has given another twist to the Battle Royale concept, there is no doubt that it has been Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. In it we have to fight against the rest of the players to overcome each of the rounds by tripping them whenever we can and avoiding the obstacles of each level. And who wins? Obviously, the one who is able to be the last one standing among all the opponents.

One Battle Royale per qualifying round

Unlike the aforementioned Fortnite and other games in this profile, in Fall Guys we don't play on a big map that shrinks every few years to bring players closer together. Here we also face a clock but it will be this one that determines how long we are in a level before moving on to the next one.

And as a good action game all against all, we will have to overcome different obstacles that will end our life as well as our opponents, who will do everything possible to hinder our survival (and we theirs, of course).

The game is chaotic, with situations and crazy laws of physics and with some scenarios that remind much Yellow Humor but with LSD. That is, fun and with everything to succeed. Not in vain both on PC and PlayStation has achieved a more than remarkable popularity although for now has not made the leap to mobile platforms like Android.

What's New for Fall Guys Season 2

The awaited Season 2 of this crazy game that so much has burst it this year, as much in PC as in console, already is here, and their developers are going to surprise to their millions of players with a lot of novelties of the most showy:

  • In general, the new theme is going to be medieval and all the elements of the game are going to be related to it.
  • The scenarios and their obstacles are going to be even more difficult to cross.
  • It includes a new Battle Pass with which to unlock more rewards with the accumulated experience.
  • New skins for its clumsy characters: witch, horse, knight, dragon, jester, ogre, wizard, princess and Viking King.
  • The new scenarios will be full of spikes, castles, drawbridges, spinning axes, spears and any possible element related to the Middle Ages.
  • A random costume option is added.
  • The player will be able to choose the type of banner that indicates his name among several types of designs and change its name.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10.
  • Requires a 64-bit operating system.
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