Far Cry 2

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Downloading Far Cry 2 is a way to live the action without limits of the great shooter. And if you are a real fan you have to download Far Cry 2 Fan Site Kit


One of the best shooters for PC

June 18, 2009
8 / 10

Far Cry 2 transforms you into a mercenary, that has been transferred to Central Africa for only one reason: to eliminate a dangerous weapons dealer, known as The Jackal. To do so, you'll have to overcome your malaria infection and face plenty of dangers, so you can complete each mission and finally come face to face with The Jackal.

Download this excellent shooter for PC

After the unexpected success of the first part of Far Cry, Ubisoft presents this second part of the series that has captivated the followers of shooter games due to the freedom of movements and the playability that it offers.

For all these followers, there's a full collection of accessories, with everything you need (high-quality images, logos, special font, screenshots,....) to be able to create your own Far Cry 2 fan site, or customize your computer with your favorite action video game.

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