Far Cry Online

4 What are you made of?

The online version of Far Cry invites you to overcome 4 frenetic challenges. In Far Cry 4 What Are You Made Of? you have to overcome extreme situations

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You can now live a frenetic and wild experience thanks to Far Cry and its online application What Are You Made Of?. In the latter you'll be immerse in this videogame's world and your capacity to respond to all the lurking dangers will be put to the test.

Live an extreme experience.

A new challenge every week

On this Far Cry online platform the player faces four initiation challenges:

  • A face-to-face encounter in An Eye For An Eye.
  • The mind maze of The Rabbit Hole.
  • A hypnotic trance in Mind Blossom.
  • A blindfolded chase with The Escape.

These initiation challenges or rituals will appear on a weekly basis and are basically several interactive videos in which the player has to take quick decisions. The situations are extreme and depending on your decisions, the course of the events will change. Obviously, new decisions have to be made... and so on.

There are 42 million different paths that can be taken in Far Cry 4 What Are You Made Of?. So, what are you waiting for to put your decision-making skills to the test?

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