Farm Frenzy


Farm Frenzy is a game that sets a collection of challenges in a farm full of animals. Download Farm Frenzy now and find out if your a good enough farmer

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Farm Frenzy puts you in control of a lovely farm, where you will have to look after all the animals as well as possible. This video game will challenge you with different tests that you will have to overcome to go up in level. Among the tasks that you will have to complete you will find: feeding the ducks so that they lay eggs, gather the eggs and take them to the market to sell them. Thus you will be able to earn some money with which to improve your farm and the quality of your products.

Build and manage your own farm with all kinds of cute animals

On your farm, you will be able to have a large variety of animals: cows, ducks, pigs, etc. But you will have to be efficient when it comes to managing it to be able to increase the number of animals. When you begin the game you will have grass in all the fields so that the ducks can feed off of it. To do so, you will have to water the earth and this will cost you money. But when the ducks eat they will lay eggs and you will be able to sell them at the market for a certain amount of money.

Thus, with Farm Frenzy you will be able to spend the money to buy new animals and make your farm grow. But you will also have to keep a lookout for the bears that will try to eat your animals, and you will have to be very fast chasing them off.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial only allows us to play for 30 minutes.
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Scott McLure
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