Time and Resource Management Games for PC

Prove that you can start off from scratch and become a tycoon in any financial sector in these time and resource management video games for Windows PCs

The Sims 4 English

Fourth installment of the social simulation game

Slime Rancher 1.4.0 English

Build your slime ranch in the galactic far west

Hay Day 1.41.17 English
Hay Day 1.41.17

Run your own farm and make it grow

The Sims 3 English

Third installment of The Sims saga

SimCity English

Create your city in an urban world

FarmVille 2: Country Escape 11.3.2931.0 English

Manage your farm and all its chores

Youtubers Life English

Become a youtuber

Transport Tycoon Deluxe 2.0 Rev1 English

Create your very own transport network

Cooking Dash English

Serve the customers and prepare their orders as fast as possible

Plant Tycoon English
Plant Tycoon

Look after your own virtual garden and discover new plant species

Zoo Tycoon 2 English

Manage your own zoo

My Tribe English

Help your tribe to survive

Second Life English
Second Life

Virtual reality game with millions of users all around the world

Sim Farm English

Take control of your own farm

OpenTTD 1.8.0 English
OpenTTD 1.8.0

Freeware version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Cities XL English

Build your own super-city and compete against other players

Cities in Motion 1.0.21 English

Create your own transport network

Marine Mania Zoo Tycoon 2 English
Marine Mania Zoo Tycoon 2

A new experience with Zoo Tycoon 2, sea animals!

Virtual City Deluxe English
Virtual City Deluxe

Take control of your own city

Family Farm 1.3.4 English

Become the owner of a 19th century farm

Virtual Villagers 5 English

Start your own tribe and order each member what to do each day

Heart's Medicine Season One English
Heart's Medicine Season One

Solve all the cases investigated by Doctor Allison Heart

Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward English

Cover all the needs of a hospital at full speed

Farm Frenzy 4 English

Manage your farm efficiently and overcome all the tests

Happy Chef English
Happy Chef

Become the best chef

SimTractor 4.107 English
SimTractor 4.107

Drive the best farming vehicles and work your lands

The Train Giant A-Train 9 English
The Train Giant A-Train 9

Build your own cities and railway lines

Tycoon City New York English

Take full control of New York

Extinct Animals Zoo Tycoon 2 English
Extinct Animals Zoo Tycoon 2

Fill your zoo with dinosaurs and other extinct animals

Harmony Isle English
Harmony Isle

Make sure your island is happy

Pet Shop Hop English

Do you want to own a pet shop?

Onverse English

Live a parallel life in this huge virtual world

Railroad Tycoon English

Become an important railway businessman

Spore English

Discover part of this peculiar universe

Garden Dash English

Help Barb to reduce her level of stress

Tropico 3 1.01 English
Tropico 3 1.01

Decide the fate of an island with your presidential decisions

LinCity-NG 2.0 English

Construct your own city

Westward IV: All Aboard English
Westward IV: All Aboard

Have fun and live a great adventure in the Far West

Burger English

Run a burger place

Endangered Species Zoo Tycoon 2 English
Endangered Species Zoo Tycoon 2

Run your own zoo with a selection of endangered species